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Food security sustainable agriculture

The case for a sustainable UK agricultural industry and for national food security are put by The Commercial Farmers Group (CFG) in the attached Adobe .pdf document. Analysing a range of subjects that includes:

• The value of food and farming in the national economy
• Strategic food security
• Farming and the environment
• Food imports and double standards

CFG conclude that a progessive and commercially viable agricultural industry is a vital part of the UK national interest and that this is currently being overlooked because debate about agriculture addresses the issue of how food is produced whilst ignoring the crucial issue of how much.

Self sufficiency in the UK Balance of trade in foods

CFG goes on to recommend a series of policy initiatives designed to promote a viable agricultural industry that produces more of the nation's food requirements whilst meeting environmental and welfare needs.

National Food Security and Sustainable UK Agriculture published by CFG is available as a 6Mb .pdf document. Alternatively for more information on the work of The Commercial Farmers Group, telephone CFG on 01652 618329.