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Imperial College London - Department of Agricultural Sciences

Imperial College London - Department of Agricultural SciencesThe Department is located on the College’s Wye Campus, in Kent, and has a long-standing reputation as an international centre for scientific and economic disciplines applied to land-based industries.

They teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of natural science and applied business management. Wye has about 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students in residence, from over 40 countries, and an additional 900 students in its Distance Learning MSc Programme.

The Department’s research is organised under four sections. A 5*-rated Plant Sciences section specialises in understanding plant defence and development from the molecular to the ecological level. The Animal Sciences section undertakes research on livestock physiology and genetics, as it applies to animal production, welfare and models for human health. Research in the Soils, Microbes and the Environment section ranges from nutrient cycling to pollution management, agroecology and habitat restoration. The Applied Economics and Business Management section specialises in agricultural and environmental economics, focusing on UK, European and developing country issues.

The Department also operates three interdisciplinary research Centres which integrate natural science and economic research: the Centre for European Agri-Environmental Studies, the Centre for Food Chain Research and the Centre for Development and Poverty Reduction that investigates trade, institutions and technology as they relate to the rural poor, poverty and development, and is closely linked to NR International, a development company owned by Imperial College and the University of Greenwich.

Imperial College London,
South Kensington campus,
SW7 2AZ.

The switchboard number is +44 (0)20 7589 5111.

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