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The National Farmers' Union

The National Farmers' UnionThe National Farmers' Union represents the farmers and growers of England and Wales. Its central objective is to promote successful and socially responsible agriculture and horticulture, while ensuring the long term viability of rural communities.

The NFU have been at the forefront of farming and rural issues for nearly one hundred years. The NFU was founded in 1908 and is financed by members' subscriptions. The NFU is not affiliated to any political party and is democratically structured.

The NFU is the largest farming organisation in the UK, representing around three quarters of the full time commercial farmers of England and Wales. Through over 300 branch offices, seven regional offices, one office in Wales and its London headquarters, the NFU is able to keep in close contact with its members and serve their needs locally and nationally. Through its Brussels office the NFU has a voice at the heart of Europe.

The NFU's commitment to farming:

Bringing quality produce to the market
The NFU continues to work to ensure that the food you eat is safe, affordable and of the highest possible quality. The NFU has spearheaded the Little Red Tractor logo initiative so that you know when you buy food with it on you have peace of mind that its been produced under the strict controls of world leading assurance schemes.

Caring for the countryside
The NFU believe that a thriving, beautiful countryside is one of the most important aspects of our national heritage. The NFU are determined to maintain it and to meet the challenge of producing wholesome, high quality food while protecting wildlife and the environment.

Caring for the welfare of our animals
Caring for the health and welfare of our animals is an integral part of livestock husbandry. The NFU is committed to raising animal welfare standards across Europe. Most of all the NFU recognises the right of customers to have accurate information about how food is produced.

Further information

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