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The Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACCS)

The Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACCS)The scheme was originally set up to avoid a multitude of individual and differing schemes competing to provide the traceability and assurance required by customers. An industry wide initiative led to the forming of ACCS, with its Board of Directors drawn from every sector of the industry, including 4 farmers and chaired by a farmer.

Since the scheme was set-up, over 12,000 farm registrations have been received and verified.

These registrations cover over 2 million hectares (~ 5 million acres). Add to this Scotland's 0.2 million hectares (0.6 million acres) of assured grain, and approximately 75% of marketable crops are produced by assured farms.

One of the reasons why the scheme has been so successful is the overwhelming support it has had from customers, the end users. The vast majority of flour millers, maltsters and animal feed compounders have stated that they will show a strong preference for grain from assured farms and most indicated that it would be a requirement of purchase.

Further information:

Please visit the ACCS website.