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Livestock Breeds

Welcome to our new section covering common livestock breeds found in the UK. We are grateful to all the breed societies that have so far contributed to this guide.

We hope you find this resource useful, we will be updating this section as more information is collected.


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Black Welsh Mountain

Black Welsh Mountain
Black Welsh Mountain

The Black Welsh Mountain sheep is a small hill breed which originated in Wales, as the name suggests but is now widespread throughout the UK and America in particular. They have black hair and wool and while the rams have impressive horns the females are polled. They are renowned for their hardiness, excellent feet, mothering ability and have particularly tasty meat. Black Welsh are and ideal sheep not only for commercial hill farmersdue to their ease of management but also for smallholders and children in particular to learn with as they are shown on halters and are easy to handle.

For further information, please visit the breeds association website:

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders' Association